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Scientific coordination:
Natalia Bobadilla. Assistant Professor in Strategy and HRM at the University of Rouen-Normandie.

“I worked several years as a project manager for multinational companies. I have been actively committed since 2010 in the scientific coordination and development of research programs linking art and management mutations at the national and international levels. These projects have led to the formalization of a new research method ABCD (Art-based collective and dialogical) (ABRIR, 2012), the creation of an alternative academic newspaper (DYSFUNCTION) and a methodology for art-based research dissemination. My research focuses on work transformations which I study mainly in creative and R&D contexts by using innovative methods. Today as a young researcher, my objective is to acquire scientific autonomy by developing my own research idea. The goal is to federate a multidisciplinary project team and to continue exploring new methodologies to understand contemporary work issues and mutations. This ANR JCJC is a unique opportunity to position my research idea, to consolidate my knowledge and skills in the field of work mutations. The the body of knowledge built in this project could contribute to the preparation of my habilitation thesis to supervise research in organization studies and thus pushing my scientific career forward. The project will also support the development of the NIMEC laboratory. In the medium term, once the project finalized, I aim to have sufficient knowledge respond to calls from the European Commission (H2020) with increased chances of success. The project composition fully considers the multidisciplinary aspect of the project thus ensuring skills and knowledge among the different themes as concerns in the coordination of the work program, to reach the project objectives. The project team consists of researchers from different universities and research laboratories: University of Rouen Normandy, IAE de Paris (Sorbonne Business School), University Paris-Dauphine, the University of Liege (HEC), National Superior School of Architecture of Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV), the design school Camondo and the superior school of art and design Le Havre Rouen (ESADHaR).”

Name of Researcher/Institution/Research laboratory Field of expertise Role
Natalia Bobadilla / University of Rouen, Normandie Management mutations, R&D Management,
Creativity, Art-Based Research
Project Coordinator
Caroline Cintas / University of Rouen, Normandie Organizational behavior, Work and Human Resource Management Core team
Baptiste Cléret / University of Rouen, Normandie Marketing and Cultural Consumption Core team / tools & dissemination
Olivier Desplebin / University of Rouen, Normandie Control, performance, social representations. Core team
Paul Marchesseau / École Camondo Environmental design, technology and third spaces Core team / tools & dissemination
Antoine Lefebvre / ESADHaR Recherche Artist, art-research based dissemination, publishing studies Core team / tools & dissemination
Luis Lopez / École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris la Villette Urban anthropology and visual culture Core team / tools & dissemination
Stéphane Debenedetti/ University Paris-Dauphine / DRM Cultural Management, Marketing, Art-Based Research Core team
Géraldine Schmidt/ IAE de Paris / GREGOR Human Resource management, Restructuring, Art-Based research Core team
Véronique Perret / University Paris-Dauphine / DRM Organizations theory, Art-Based research, critical studies Core team
François Pichault / Université de Liège / HEC Sociology, urban renewal, art-based research. Scientific advisor
Patrick Bouchain Architecture, Third spaces aesthetics Scientific advisor